About Us

Percy Rier Jr.

Percy Rier, KPR Co-Founder

Kayaking Puerto Rico is a young, innovative Puerto Rican adventure company specializing in recreational and environmentally oriented kayaking snorkeling excursions off the eastern coast of Puerto Rico. KPR is directed by certified tour guides and nature enthusiasts; Percy Rier and Dalberto Arce. They both have a combined experience of over 16 years in the industry of eco-tourism and have independent studies in business administration, marine biology and environmental sciences.

Percy and Dalberto spent over 3 years exploring Snorkeling and Kayaking venues all over Puerto Rico before traveling with clients. Soon it was obvious…the "Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserved, where Seven Seas Bay is located on the secluded Northeast corner of the Island, (with protected, snorkeling grounds teeming with marine life and ringed by one of the most breathtakingly stunning trio of beaches on the Island) was to be where the KPR partners would launch their fledgling eco excursions business. Additionally, at this very special part of Puerto Rico, is found the Bio-luminescent “Laguna Grande”. In 2007, KPR began offering kayaking excursions to this phenomenal site, becoming their most popular excursion!

Dalberto Arce

Dalberto Arce, KPR Co-Founder

In their quest for showcasing the pinnacle of Puerto Rican kayaking and snorkeling, the company inaugurated in 2009, “Aquafari Culebra” a fascinating Kayaking and Snorkeling excursion that allows guests to explore one of the most vibrant and life filled underwater nature reserves in the Caribbean, thus re-confirming KPR’s slogan...”The Best Kayaking And Snorkeling, Period!”.

Not resting on their laurels, Percy and Dalberto took a great step on 2010, with the take off of their biggest project yet. Mini Boat Adventures! The only adventure of its kind in Puerto Rico where you will have the opportunity to captain your own 40 Horse Power inflatable MINI BOAT in an excursion across the uninhabited cays and white sand beaches of Puerto Rico's eastern coast! Visit www.miniboatadventures.com for more information about our New Island Hop and Snorkel Mini Boat Adventure!

At Kayaking Puerto Rico we absolutely LOVE what we do! We love to get to know our customers, we love to make them smile, we love to create lifetime experiences, and we love above everything else, to make them fall in love with Puerto Rico! Click here and find out Why we are the Best Kayaking and Snorkeling operator in Puerto Rico!

Kayaks in line

From the outset, Percy and Dalberto, knew that their adventuresome visitors would enjoy the natural beauty of the protected reserves of the East Coast; but they wanted their excursions to showcase additional qualities of what Puerto Rico, its friendly people and heritage, have to offer. “People who come on our excursions will find themselves dancing on the beach, or body painting ancient Taino inspired symbols on each other, and before the trip is over, many new friends have been made”, says Dalberto, “in addition to the unparalleled snorkeling and kayaking experience, we want to leave our visitors with a new appreciation and understanding of Puerto Rican culture and traditions”.

Percy Rier accepts the award

KPR Co-Founder Percy Rier
accepts the 2008 PRTC
Quality & Excellence Award

Kayaking Puerto Rico strives to give back to our surroundings both socially and environmentally. Our organization respects and understands the importance of our natural resources; therefore, ensuring their protection is one of our primary commitments. We put great effort towards the conservation of our environment and contribute to the education of preserving the wellbeing of our natural wonderland here on the East Coast of Puerto Rico.

Want to help? Join us in our periodically scheduled Beach Clean-ups!

Awards & Recognitions


KPR wins the 2008 Quality and Excellence Award in the category of Tour Operators.


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Pre-launch Check

Kayaking Puerto Rico counts with a team of well-trained, professional tour guides; ALL CPR and First Aid certified. Our tour guides will always provide you with detailed safety instructions prior to any activity.

Before snorkeling, the first thing our Instructors/Guides do with any participant is to administer a "swim test". This "test" merely demonstrates your comfort level in the water. If a participant appears uncomfortable at all, Instructor/Guides will pay special attention to you while in the water. Non-swimming participants are provided with extra buoyancy and extra supervision. KPR Staff specializes in encouraging unsure swimmers, through patience and care, to become reasonably confident snorkelers. After your "swim test", participants are shown the proper technique for fitting their snorkel gear.

KPR Small group biobay review

Reviewing Kayaking techniques
before heading into Fajardo’s
Bioluminescent Lagoon

While on the water, KPR staff will direct you through safe routes and will keep an eye on you for any unforseen dangers in the water. They will also carry with them all necessary safety equipment, such as: First Aid Kits, whistles, extra PFD’s (Personal Flotation Device), Binoculars, VHF Radio and Cell Phones; allowing you to feel safe and relaxed while enjoying of one the best days of your vacation.

Even those who aren’t gifted swimmers can still come along and have a great time. All of our guests are provided with U.S coast guard approved life jackets. Some guests may choose to leave their lifejackets on while snorkeling, thus eliminating the issue of swimming.

Snorkeling gear

All kayakers are provided
with first-class snorkeling
and life saving equipment.

We have a wide variety of fins and masks in stock to fit all snorkelers. The buddy system is used in all of our snorkeling excursions. A novice or apprehensive snorkeler is usually paired with a more experienced buddy or with a Guide/Instructor. Our Guides are all “Lifeguard Certified” and most also have years of experience in the water, with boats and people in aquatic situations.

Ocean kayaks are a safe and fun way to travel. To make your adventure with us complete, before we head out we will spend a few minutes reviewing deep water kayak entry and exit as well as reviewing kayak and snorkeling etiquette. Our lead kayak is equipped with first aid supplies, GPS, spares and communications gear on all of our adventures.