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Why we are the best

Our guides are amazing…

Kayaking puerto rico guide

Our select staff of guides carries years of experience and they are the best in the business, bar none. While on the tour they'll give you instructions on correct paddling and snorkeling techniques, be right in the water alongside you, and throughout the tour will entertain you with stories, interesting information and local knowledge all delivered with the charm, energy and professionalism that only our staff offers. At Kayaking Puerto Rico service is the difference, and we pride ourselves on providing you with the best experience of your vacation! Meet our guides!

Eco Friendly Company

Eco friendly tours

At Kayaking Puerto Rico we go the extra mile to ensure the preservation and care of our natural resources. Besides educating our guests through exiting and interesting interpretations about the reserves’ ecology, we guarantee that all of our guests will participate in a uninterrupted, well-organized excursion. Not only does this help keep our environment pristine, it also means an incredible time for our guests, as our groups are always smaller and organized.

Kayaking Puerto Rico only uses recyclable products and selects natural snacks that do not require wrapping or bottling. KPR is proud to organize several beach trash clean ups and eco conscious events throughout the year to ensure the beauty of our resources and involve our community to embrace eco practices. Like us on Facebook to know about our next clean ups and events!

Kayaking, and Snorkeling is our Specialty 

For more than 8 years we have been managing Kayaking, and Kayak-Snorkeling Excursions throughout Puerto Rico. With an average of 600+ excursions a year and a strong commitment to provide our guests with the finest experience possible; we have carefully studied, experienced, and adjusted every single detail that goes into your excursion. Kayaking Puerto Rico has been renowned by TV Shows, Travel Books, Magazines and Travel Agents as THE company to trust when selecting a kayaking excursion in Puerto Rico. For safety, quality and a superb kayaking experience, you want a knowledgeable company and staff to be taking you out on the water.

Quality of Equipment

Top quality equipment

We refresh our entire gear stash, every single year. This means our guests get to use top quality, like-new, silicone snorkel masks and semi-dry snorkels. The same goes for our life jackets. We have appropriately sized gear for adults and children of all sizes.

All of our Kayaks go though monthly, weekly and daily inspection and we guarantee to provide you with the best sit on top kayaks in the market; “Ocean Kayaks”.

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We like to avoid crowds!

While kayaking with us you will visit an array of some of the most beautiful and secluded beaches in Puerto Rico, all practically inaccessible by large boats. Most of the time, our groups will be the only ones at the beach allowing you to relax to the max and enjoy YOUR vacation!

Our Guides Actually Snorkel With You on all our snorkeling excursions!

Your KPR guides will not only lead you through an enchanting day of kayaking, but they will even get in the water with you while snorkeling to showcase the beauty of the underwater world and teach you about our amazing marine life! Not only will this make your experience twice as fun, but it will also guarantee your safety throughout your tour. Join our guides as they look for live conch, sea stars, lobsters, stingrays, beautiful coral reef formations, and an immense variety of colorful tropical fish.

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We Will Take Your Pictures On All Snorkeling Excursions!

Not only will you take home great memories of your KPR excursion, but also as part of our service, we will digitally photograph your experience and post them on our business Facebook account for easy viewing and downloading. Show your friends and family back home how much fun you had with us!